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Maps and facts

Geographically, Mid Sweden University is located in the middle of Sweden, right at the heart of Northern Europe.


Campus Sundsvall
SE-851 70 Sundsvall  
Visiting address:
Holmgatan 10 

Campus Östersund
SE-831 25 Östersund  
Visiting address:
Kunskapens väg 8

Mid Sweden University
Box 70
SE-891 22 Örnsköldsvik
Visiting address:
Hörneborgsvägen 10
SE-892 50 Domsjö

Kramfors (Träakademien)
Kramfors kommun
SE-872 80 Kramfors
Visiting address:
Företagsvägen 2

Payment information

Bank: Danske Bank, Box 7523, SE-103 92 Stockholm
IBAN: SE9112000000012810111944
VAT-nr: SE202100452401

Invoice information

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